Decadent Shop

You don’t need to have a special occasion to our enjoy our food.

We are happy to announce to our customers that you can also pre purchase our food online.

(Please allow us 24- 48 hours notice.)

Online Menu items


*Decadent Beef and green bean cassoulet

*Decadent Osso Bucco

*Decadent Lamb shanks in Vindaloo/red wine & tomato Jus

*Decadent Lamb curry Vindaloo/Roganjosh

*Decadent Lamb in tomato & onion cassoulet

*Decadent Thai Green Chicken Curry

*Decadent  Kashmiri Chicken Curry

*Decadent Chicken Kapama

*Decadent  Peppercorn Chicken in cream sauce

*Decadent Greek style Chicken

*Decadent spicy wings

*Decadent honey soy wings

*Decadent Portugese Chicken wings

*Decadent  Greek meatballs

*Decadent Lasagna/Pasticio


Soup Collection:

*Decadent Chicken and Corn 

*Decadent Pumpkin 

*Decadent Morrocan Lamb

*Decadent Minestrone


*Decadent Fried Rice

*Decadent Vegetable fried Rice white/brown

$25         (1kg)

$25         (1kg)

$15         (2 shanks in pack)

$20         (1kg)

$20         (1kg)

$25         (whole chicken)

$25         (whole chicken)

$25         ( 2kg chicken legs)

$25         (1kg chicken breast)

$25         (whole chicken)

$15         (1.5kg wings)

$15         (1.5kg wings)

$20         (1.5kg wings)

$25         (2kg)

$30         (2kg)



$20         (2 litre)

$15         (2 litre)