Lunch / Dinner Menu

Chicken and avocado salad

Lamb shanks

Lamb curry

Gourmet sandwiches/focaccia/rolls/wraps

Lasagna – meat/vegetable

*Decadent green curry chicken

*Decadent  green peppercorn chicken in cream sauce

*Decadent beef with tomato and green beans cassoulet

*Decadent schnitzel – Chicken, veal, pork,

*Decadent lamb cutlets

*Decadent Greek meatballs

Spaghetti and meatballs

Chicken cordon bleu

Scotch filet seared with choice of sauces

Baked fish

Soup – assorted

BBQ – steak, chicken, sausages etc

Portugese chicken

Kebabs choice of chicken/beef/fish/pork with sauce

Baked salmon with salsa verde


Stir fried noodles with choice of chicken/beef/pork and vegetables

Greek style kebabs with garlic, lemon and oregano

Chicken supreme

Beef/chicken/pork/ fish hamburger

Prawns in garlic and parsley cream sauce

Spicy wings

Roast Beef, Pork, lamb, Chicken, Fish



Greek salad

Green salad

Pasta salad

Rice salad

Potato salad

Decadent potato salad (potato, bacon, green beans and avocado in a mustard sour cream dressing)

French bean salad

Bean mix salad

Beetroot salad

Fried rice/portugese rice/pilau rice

Mediterranean vegetables

Waldorf  salad

Chickpea salad

Bocconcini and tomato salad

Pumpkin feta and spinach salad

Baked vegetables

Roasted corn

Mexican salsa